About Nicolas Morawietz

I am Nicolas Morawietz, born in 1996, live in Rhineland Palatinate in Germany and I am certificated application developer.

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Curriculum Vitae

As early as the age of 4, I became interested in computer programming for the first time, when my parents gave me my first computer. In senior classes at gymnasium the minor subject informatics increased my interest in programming. In 2016 I finished my A levels with informatics as best subject. Thereon i finished my apprenticeship as programmer in a company, which develops an ERP-System written in Delphi. Aftwerwards, I were working for the EXEC Software Team GmbH company, which predominantly developes software for guarantee banks written in Java. In the meantime I studied computer science for one semester at the university Koblenz-Landau. Due to temporal and and financial reasons, I had to cancel the studies and additionally changed my employment. Currently I am working as software programmer in the EDP department at awk AUSSENWERBUNG GmbH. This company controls logistic and billing of local postings in many locations. Thereby jobs come up like adapting the webinterface in Javascript, server-sided programming in Delphi or creating database queries in SQL.

My strengths lie in the following sections:

Programming languages

  • Java (desktop- and mobile applications)
  • Delphi
  • Golang
  • Dart (Flutter)
  • PHP
  • Javascript (jQuery)
  • C#


  • MySQL
  • Sqlite

Version Control Systems

  • Git
  • SVN

Operating Systems

  • Windows
  • Linux

For further questions send me a mail to nicolas@morawietz.dev. I am to you gladly at the disposal.

Thank you for taking your time on me and visiting my website!